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To kick things I decided feature the Yuengling beer series as the very first BEER O.T.M. I thought it would be fitting since the Yuengling lager was the first new beer that I tried in Atlanta after my August relocation from Minneapolis. It was interesting to find out that Yuengling is actually America’s oldest brewery, which doesn’t mean very much to me beside knowing that people have been getting drunk thanks to David G. Jüngling since 1829. Yuengling boasts a 7 member family with a solid variety ranging from the “Yuengling Premium” to the “Lord Chesterfield Ale“.

Yuengling Premium: Clean, crisp, light in gold color with well-balanced pale malt and hop character.

Lord Chesterfield Ale: Brewed with select hops,  it’s distinct robust flavor is derived from a delicate combination of sweet maltiness and lingering herbal bitterness.

So far I have tasted the Yuengling Lager and the Larger Light, so that leaves me with five others to try. Through the rest of September I will be posting reviews of each of the Yuengling beers and I welcome yours as well. Thanks to my friend Ashley (@Ash2PointOhhh on twitter) for introducing me to the “ling ling”. CHEERS TO THE BEERS

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